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Body and Soul

Lavoisier said that “in nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes”. When working with Feng Shui on energy and getting it flowing in a harmonious way in a home, body-wise we can harmonize this energy too and change it in our heart.

Just as in a home you have the centre, from where the energy spreads out, our body has a centre too, our heart, and this has the capacity to circulate our blood, as well as the energy of our thoughts and emotions, which then become behaviours and attitudes. However, many of us, perhaps due to what society imposes, shut ourselves off and self-block, not letting the best of us flow, leading to fear and anxiety which then manifest themselves in thoughts and behaviours.

Spread joy and optimism

As an analogy, when a flower is open it has the capacity to and virtue of spreading its perfume to the world. Just as a flower, our heart, when open, can spread its fragrance – our virtues and qualities.

Most of us grew up in a society that fostered reservation, defensiveness, having a closed heart in a gesture of self-protection from all the hurt and humiliation that others could inflict on us, where to have it open would be an act of bravery.

We need to have this courage and open our hearts up to the world. Spread our joy, our optimism, our virtues, and qualities.

Having a closed heart won’t protect us more. No. With a closed heart we will be even more vulnerable, as we do not allow ourselves to spread our energy to the world and feel the happiness in sharing goodness, which is what makes us strong and brimming with light.

Many of you may ask: how can I do that? How can I change my inner chip? How do we get used to operating on a different level? The answer is simple: dare to have positive thoughts and actions only! These, just like negative thoughts, have the capacity to multiply and bear fruits. So, dare to do it! When negative thoughts turn up, and they will, try to look on the positive side of the situation/emotion. I’ll share an example to help you:

Negative Heart - “There was an accident on my way to work this morning. I was in a traffic jam for hours. I was livid, as I had so much to do. While I was in the car, nervous, everything popped into my head and all I wanted to do was scream. I screamed and yelled. I yelled with my colleagues when I got into the office. The environment was awkward. When I arrived home, after a horrible day, I argued with my husband and kids and went to bed in an even fouler mood …”

And now, the positive spin.

Positive Heart: “There was an accident on my way to work this morning. I was in a traffic jam for hours. I thanked the universe that it wasn’t me and that I had been blessed with continuing to live my life. Then, I took the moment to relax and calm my mind. I was in my car for ages, so I used the time to call relatives and friends, which made me very happy. When

I got into work, although it was late and I had tonnes to do, I’d already rested so I rolled up my sleeves and was very productive. I think I got more work done in 5 hours than in the usual 8. When I got home, I kissed my family and savoured the moment.”

This is one of the many examples that happen to us in our daily lives and which we can embrace and look on the positive side of the situation or, in certain cases, try to figure out what we can learn from it.

There’s no point using the typical saying “I’m not negative, I’m a realist” because we can make our own reality!

So, open up your heart and dare to give yourself and others the best of you. You’ll see that the more you surround yourself with positive energy, the better your life will be!

This is the time when flowers and trees start blooming and nature’s scent is in the air! Lap Chun or Li Cun marks the start of Spring for the Chinese on 4 February.
We will now enter wood energy of the Five Elements’ cycle, defined by drive, growth, innovation, new projects, futurism, determination to head where we want to go, and exercise. Just like the plants that are now starting to wake up, we too will feel this potential energy and a healthy stirring.
This is why so many people start to think about taking up exercise at this time of the year; not just to get their bodies Summer ready, but also because their surroundings draw them to it. What can help you stay in shape, become more fit, healthier and, as such, with better energy and mood, according to Feng Shui?
The days become longer, they become prettier and more inviting and after a few months of a rigorous winter, going outside and getting fresh air is a blessing!

For those who need a nudge...

For those who need a nudge to keep up with the energy of this season, please find below a few Feng Shui tips that will lift your spirits and help you stay in shape. What to give it a try? A lot of my clients have implemented these suggestions and all of them came back to me with “amazing, Sofia, I did it!”
Let’s go, then!


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