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This is the time when flowers and trees start blooming and nature’s scent is in the air! Lap Chun or Li Cun marks the start of Spring for the Chinese on 4 February.
We will now enter wood energy of the Five Elements’ cycle, defined by drive, growth, innovation, new projects, futurism, determination to head where we want to go, and exercise. Just like the plants that are now starting to wake up, we too will feel this potential energy and a healthy stirring.
This is why so many people start to think about taking up exercise at this time of the year; not just to get their bodies Summer ready, but also because their surroundings draw them to it. What can help you stay in shape, become more fit, healthier and, as such, with better energy and mood, according to Feng Shui?
The days become longer, they become prettier and more inviting and after a few months of a rigorous winter, going outside and getting fresh air is a blessing!

For those who need a nudge...

For those who need a nudge to keep up with the energy of this season, please find below a few Feng Shui tips that will lift your spirits and help you stay in shape. What to give it a try? A lot of my clients have implemented these suggestions and all of them came back to me with “amazing, Sofia, I did it!”
Let’s go, then!

1) Foster the energy of drive in your home

The first thing to do is to foster the energy of drive in your home. Remember, your home is an extension of your body/me, your physical, psychological, emotional and mental you and when you foster this energy in your home, you’re doing the same thing for yourself. We have two excellent allies to boos this energy: plants and release. The latter is for people who have a lot of belongings in their home, as plants will suffice for those whose homes are already free or clutter.

Starting with plants:

Plants are the best representation of the wood element, as they can combine all the feautures of this element in one single item.
The most recommended, as they represent the wood element in all its splendour are green coloured plants, with a narrow and vertical structure and which grow fast. If you make up sets of three or four plants, even better.
All plants, whether these or others you have in your home, should be kept in a good state, be healthy, and avoid containers with stagnant water. Another fundamental aspect is they should be clean and dust free.

But, where should you place these plants so they can bring the energy of drive into your home?

The most indicated location for plants in your home is where the wood energy is in harmony, which is determined using Classic Feng Shui calculations (Xuan Kong Fei Sin – Flying Stars). In a simplistic manner, you can place them in the Eastern zone of your home, as wood is the element that governs the East sector. Mind you, the fact that the wood element governs the East sector refers to is features, and not that this is the element to use in that sector.

Lastly, release:

The second ally to achieve energy, drive, innovation, new projects and achieve good physical shape is to rid yourself of stuff, as hoarding items in your home leads to stagnation and as such, your projects do not develop, your energy lowers, you become more agitated and excess weight and/or the feeling of a congested body and swollen, tired legs also tends to kick in.

2) Sports accessories – where do I keep them?

For you to have the initiative to exercise, much like plants, the sports accessories should also be kept where the wood energy of your home is in harmony or, in a simpler manner, in the Eastern part of your closet, at eye level. Everything that is at eye level represents the present, what is at floor level represents the past and what is above our eye level represents the future. So, if you want to exercise regularly, place them in a visible area.
I often find clients who spend their entire time avoiding exercise. And would you know it? They store their sports accessories at the bottom of their closet. That is, in the area that represents the past. In that way, since the past has come and gone, the moment for them to exercise never comes!

3) The colours of the accessories also have an impact!

Yes! The colours of your sports equipment can give you more energy and stamina when it comes to working out. And with this comes burning more calories or getting better results. By using Ba Zi (Chinese astrology) calculations based on your date of birth, we can determine the most favourable colours for each individual.
You can learn more about a healthy life and Feng Shui, as well as so much more, by following the project – “Home Organized Life Balanced”. This is an annual project with free videos posted throughout this year on Sofia Lobo Cera’s YouTube channel ( The videos offer captions in Portuguese for the hearing impaired or in English, as the community that follows me goes beyond our country’s borders.
Let yourself be taken along these 12 months of enriching experiences, feel the energy of your home throughout the year and learn how to make the most of each phase, each month, each season.
It will fly by and when you look back, you’ll see everything that has changed in your life.

I wish you all good vibes,


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