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Oftentimes, one of the first questions I’m asked is: “Sofia, we should always keep the toilet lid down, right?” And Sofia replies “It depends”, which triggers a lift of the person’s eyebrow.
In the olden days, bathrooms, or sanitary facilities, if you prefer, were seen as something extremely negative and were located outside the homes – it was only a hole in the ground. As time moved on, social status, comfort and developments in construction meant that bathrooms were now inside the homes and nowadays they are almost mini spas, featuring beauty and design.

Although a bathroom is a place to rid yourself of what is not necessary and to remove soiling, the truth is that it’s also a space for cleanliness, purification and energizing. For this reason, the bathroom shouldn’t be overlooked, rather it should be an area with the capacity to revitalize us.

So, when I’m asked if the toilet lid should be down and the bathroom door shut and I reply “it depends”, it’s because it does in fact depend on the type of energy the bathroom has, among other factors.


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