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What everyone should know about Feng Shui

Twenty-odd years ago, as I was starting to read up on this subject, which ten years later would become my occupation, and after many vocational courses (which I still engage in today and fuel me, as they are never-ending), one of the most pressing issues I felt was a lack of understanding of some subjects that seemed contradictory.

For instance, in some books there were authors who advocated that everyone should sleep facing North because the North-South axis re-establishes us and brings more balanced sleep. In others, I read that children should sleep with their head facing East, as this favours their growth. And in others still I read that each individual’s date of birth and their gender, male or female, brought with it new variations. And lastly, there were others that placed the house and its conditions and features at the core.

At the time, this confused me and made me want to find some clarification, as my brain was trained in the field of sciences, objective and concrete thought, the absence of what couldn’t be defined.

Fortunately, when I dug deeper into the matter and studied it at a professional level, I began to understand that all these claims were indeed justified. They did not contradict, rather complemented each other and today I can claim they have varying degrees of importance and vary according to the circumstances.


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