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Feng Shui allows us to harmonize, balance and increase the energy in homes and spaces, helping inhabitants achieve certain goals, such as prosperity, wealth, health, relationships, social status, studies, and many others, seeing that a home is the reflection of the people who live in it.

Summer is finally here!

This refreshing season, brimming with scents, sea, sun, beach, gardens, and holidays to enjoy.

This is the time of the year to reinvigorate and revitalize, recharging your batteries, ready to face another year.

And our homes are not an exception. They too, need this strengthening energy so their energy can be renewed. Our greatest ally is the sun.

It’s during Summertime that homes energize and recharge their batteries to the max, getting set for the Autumn and Winter months. This is why it’s so important to continue with the work we started in Spring, that is, airing your home every day in the morning and letting the sunshine in, tidying, organizing and getting our home rid of any clutter that have no usefulness whatsoever. Since we are in the Summer, Fire element, and which represents the pinnacle of this energy, it is important to energize your home as much as you can and the best way to do so is with moments of celebration, that is, moments of fun and joy with friends, making this energy resound through the house.

However, there are many homes that do not have the opportunity to re-establish themselves in this way, as this is the holiday period and the inhabitants may travel elsewhere during this season. As such, it is important to prepare your home well before heading off on holiday.

praia ducheBefore going on holiday, go through the abovementioned steps and before travelling, make sure your house is sparkling clean and set a few moments aside, offering your intention of the energy you wish to receive in the Summer, even if you are away and your house is closed.

Meanwhile, at the house or hotel at your holiday destination, make sure you foster the space’s energy vibration so everything goes well while you are there. Of course, this should be after you’ve made sure the chosen destination is in a lucky direction for you and your family during this season (to find out more about lucky destinations refer to the subject Directionology here: ). Once more, air the place and set your intentions – these are fundamental steps. Yet, burning incense to remove the energy of previous occupants is also something you can do. Likewise, when it’s time to come home, air the place and burn some incense again so you don’t leave your energy behind.

When you return from holidays you need to make up for lost time, so once you turn the key in your lock, greet your home and show how happy you are to be back. Air your home again, unpack your bags and store your suitcases, burn some incense and this time, through the growing burst of colour and energy vibration, fill it with colourful and scented flowers so that your home can recover from the time it was closed off.

praia espuma

These steps are fundamental and this way you can make sure your house is set.

Make the most of the time left until Autumn to energize your home, as there are still a few months left until Spring and the more your house is recharged, the more it will vibrate.

I wish you great holidays and good revitalizing!


in Revista Zen - June  2015 Edition. Check the original article in our press menu.


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