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What should you look out for when you are house hunting? This is one of the most frequent questions relating to Feng Shui.

We all yearn for a breath of fresh air or, when this change is imposed on us, when we are house hunting, it is no longer enough for the place to be pretty, cosy, well furnished, being well located in terms of access, or price… some are also concerned about the energy matter pertaining to our new home. Do not confuse this with what the legislation in force requires, the “Energy Certification”. Our concern here is different, in another field, other types of energy that are highly relevant, as our home is an extension of our body and there is an inter-relation between the two. Although there are no perfect homes, if we can make sure certain requisites are met, so much the better. However, I’d like to point out we shouldn’t move just for the sake of it, light-heartedly, thinking this will bring miracle solutions, as we run the risk of attracting a home with the same energy features as the one before. This is because we all have our path and Feng Shui is not magic. It offers us support and knowledge for our life to be harmonious and happy and when times come that aren’t so good, it will be there to take the edge off a bit and helping us overcome them in the best and fastest way possible.

If you are in the market for a new home, if this is your expectation, then take note of the following:

  • Liking the house and feeling it is fundamental. “Loving” a home means loving ourselves and identifying with our purpose and lifestyle, that our home invites our habits in, as well as the way we use it and even our flaws.
  • Why that house is still on the market – Even if at a later stage Feng Shui can help you, avoid any houses where there were serious diseases, divorce or even extreme financial shortcomings.
  • Access to the house – avoid dead-ends or having the road end at your house.
  • Where the house lies, where the four celestial animals need to be present (Turtle, Tiger, Dragon and Phoenix). The Turtle represents protection and relates to the back of our house, it should be high – think mountains or buildings. The Tigre and the Dragon are also protection – small elevations on the side that can also be mountains or mounds or slightly lower buildings. The Phoenix, the front part of the house, represents our dreams and goals, so our views should be unimpeded.
  • Surroundings – noise, cemeteries, hospitals, bad neighbourhoods, lack of safety, and phone antennae are to be avoided.
  • Neighbours and environment – the energy others give out are very important, especially when the front doors are face to face, when, as usual, the bedrooms and other rooms are overlapping.
  • The house should have good lighting, facing south, if possible, with large windows and doors.
  • The house’s floor plan should be as rational as possible (square or rectangular shaped). The more uneven the floor plan, the more crooked the cardinal sectors, which means the areas of your life that correspond to those sectors may be unbalanced.
  • Make sure the walls where the bed headrests are placed are not shared with the kitchen or bathrooms, just as in a house with more storeys, bedrooms shouldn’t be above kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces and stoves.

Happy moving

These requisites are already a good start, although having help from a professional is pivotal in deciding how to organize your home, lay out your furniture, select the colours and patterns that most suit the inhabitants and their goals in life, which all depend on the property’s energy chart.

Lastly, I’d like to add that this information is general and each case is unique, as too is each home, which should be analysed by a professional in a personalized manner.

And don’t forget: A home is to be worn! And lived in!

I wish you a happy moving!

VA: “Casa Organizada Vida Equilibrada” [Home Organized, Life Balanced] is your most recent project, started in January 2019. Tell us a little bit about this new project and what it entails.
SLC: “Home Organized, Life Balanced” is a Feng Shui series, where I will be uploading several videos on the subject onto my official YouTube channel throughout 2019. ( There will be 25 videos on Feng Shui; two or three will be uploaded every month so people can apply Feng Shui in their homes, their lives, their workplace, among others, in an accessible format with practical tips and suggestions so people can live a better life with positive energy and vibes!
My team and I produced the project in the second half of 2018, one that is unprecedented in this field in Portugal and which promises to become a basis for knowledge of and reference in Feng Shui in our country.
The videos can have captions in Portuguese for the hearing impaired or in English, as my follower community goes beyond our borders.
Several renowned entities were involved in this project, namely Hotel do Chiado in Lisbon, the Lisbon Golf Academy, Challet Fonte Nova in Alcobaça, Campo Grande Garden Centre in Lisboa, Top Atlântico, Centro Pré e Pós Parto in Lisboa, Arboretto, Linhas Direitas, Pedro de Santarém school in Lisbon, the multinational Steelcase, and Topo restaurant.

VA: How did this project come about?
SLC: It was an idea I’d had in my mind for quite a while now, but I hadn’t yet felt that “the time is right!”. Until one day, specifically from 30 June to 1 July 2018, I woke up in the morning, opened my eyes and said to myself: “this is it. This is the moment!”. I did what I had to do, and we started working on the project. I put everything together, from the script to the locations for shooting, the clothes I’d wear, the days we’d shoot and the days when the videos would be uploaded. I recall that when my producer looked at the first draft of my document, he said “it’s not through lack of organization that this project won’t move forward!” And so, on 1 August 2018, one month later to the day, we shot our first video, the video to be released exactly one year later, on 1 August 2019. Of all the videos we made, and I like them all, of course, this is my favourite; perhaps because it was the first, it has a different taste to it 😀.
From them on to the end of 2018, we shot and edited all 25 videos, so they’d be ready for the launch at the start of January 2019.

VA: What is the aim of this project?
SLC: The aim of this project is to help people and make their lives easier by offering them practical and visible solutions on how they can implement simple solutions that can change their lives. In addition to these suggestions, I also explain how things work, why they should be used and when, so the results are boosted. A professional and personal consultation is always better, of course, but for those who can’t have this for any reason, these tips already help quite a lot.

VA: Throughout these months, you began by explaining what Feng Shui is, what it’s based on, how you can get energy flowing inside a home and you also offered tips on how to have energy, drive and time to get your body in shape for summer, be healthy and use plants in our favour. What else can we expect moving forward?
SLC: In June, as many are starting their holidays, I started by making people aware of the care to take when choosing a holiday destination, because it’s not just important for it to be pretty, at a good price, near the beach, it’s also important for people to know whether they are travelling somewhere where they will feel good, as it isn’t nice to invest in holidays that turn out a fiasco. Or even when what happens after the holidays is unpleasant. I also spoke about how to stimulate travel in people’s homes, as we often hear it being said that they never travelled again since they moved into that space. Still in June, I’ll run some very practical tips on how to organize the holiday logistics. From here on we will talk about many interesting topics, namely how to make the most of this season, how to encourage romance, marriage/relationship and passion, return to work so that this runs smoothly and also how to achieve professional or financial aims, among many other subjects people want to know more about.

VA: Why the name “Home Organized Life Balanced?”
SLC: “Home Organized, Life Balanced” was a name I came up with in 2017 for my upcoming professional project, as deep down the idea was already being mulled. It’s a name that fully relates to Feng Shui, although Feng Shui is much more than organization. However, it’s with organization that it all begins.

VA: Is there any message you’d like to leave?
SLC: Yes! I’d like to thank the people following this series on our YouTube Channel and social media and to invite you to follow us, as this project was created and developed with you in mind. Having contributed and continuing to contribute to people fulfilling their dreams is sheer happiness!

in Vento e Água Magazine published on September 2019

Article written for the 1st edition of the Vento e Água Magazine

How does a house come to be?

How does it turn up in our life?

A house or home is born from an intent. And this intent can stem from someone having a need, or wanting that need, or wanting to increase their family, or have more wealth, rise up the career ladder, or want more success, or health, or harmony and well-being, travelling, want to materialize something, among many other factors.

But why do people want to have all of this projected in a house or home?

Because our home is the reflection of our life and an extension of our body. We can say a home is a life project.

Well, how does it come to be, then? How does it turn up in our life? How does it come to us?

I can tell you a story of something that happened to me... 

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