Who we work with

The partnership with Serenum – Clínica de Bem-Estar wellness clinic was set up in 2012. There are workshops on Feng Shui, where the subject is discussed in depth and experiences are shared that aid with personal development.
These workshops are designed for all those who are interested in taking part, there are no special attendance requirements.

The Partner

Serenum, Clínica de Bem-Estar wellness clinic is dedicated to all who wish to experience harmony. It is a place for self-awareness, inner thought, a space where you can find yourself and others also.
It has a multidisciplinary care team that abides by the principle of the dignity of the human being.

Partnership Conditions

Serenum, Clínica de Bem-Estar customers benefit from a 10% discount on all services offered by Sofia Lobo Cera.
Anyone who attends the Feng Shui workshops given by Sofia Lobo Cera under the Serenum Clínica de Bem-Estar are entitled to a further 5% off Feng Shui consultations.


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