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The wet season is here

Summer is over. The days are shorter, the mornings and nights cooler and the first rain can be felt. No more outdoor strolls, going to the beach, dining out on the terrace with the sun on our skin. Come Autumn, we begin our indoor routines and this year, even more so. With a pandemic that insists on not leaving us alone and the COVID-19 numbers consistently on the rise, not just in Portugal but worldwide too, our social life will continue to be indoors. And that being the case, what can we do to feel more comfortable, safer and happier and protected inside our four walls?

Did you know that this centuries-old Chinese art can help save your life? That a home with Feng Shui is much more protected against the threats the world is facing? At a time when Autumn is here and the pandemic, which insists on rearing its ugly head, call us into our home, make note of a few tips that will bring a positive energy to your home. So that you may feel safer, more comfortable and… happier!

NOVA GENTE magazine asked Sofia Lobo Cera for help, a professional Feng Shui consultant who starts by explaining that this is “a centuries-old Chinese art that studies the form and effects of how energy flows through a given space”. “All the air that circulates between walls, the wind knocking at the window, the light that seeps in, the materials that make up a space, the way people move around in the house/office, how they lay it out and decorate it, the outside… all of that is studied in Feng Shui, for the occupants’ well-being and more.”

What can Feng Shui do for our homes/lives? “I dare say that it can “save” our lives. For instance, a house with good Feng Shui will be much better protected from the threats the world is facing, whether in terms of health, finances, career or expectations, than a home that isn’t as positive,” says the expert, adding that with the arrival of a new season, it’s essential that we make adjustments and amendments to our home: “Energy is cyclical and we should go along with it to reap the best results for our lives. If we observe the sun, we note that it rises and sets at different times and in different places all the time. In the same way, the wind doesn’t always blow in the same direction and with the same intensity. We need to adapt to the energy of the seasons and the years. Oftentimes, these are minor adjustments for us to feel well and happier. If we sow a plant out of season, we won’t reap what we’re supposed to.”

And don’t be fooled into thinking this art is just about moving items around and redecorating. “It’s much more than that. The great knowledge of Feng Shui is identifying how energy flows in a space so we can either stimulate it or else correct it when there are issues. Whenever I hear my clients telling me about their pathologies, it’s always represented by the flow of energy in the space in question. Recently, I consulted on a family whose biggest problem was that one of the members of the household was anorexic. I knew straight away what the problem was and probably where it stemmed from. I analyzed the space and indeed, that was the problem. In many such cases, or of other types, when the space allows it, we can solve or significantly improve the problem”, Sofia Lobo Cera assures us. She recalls another episode: “I remember a case, many years ago, when a four-storey house “supposedly” represented a substantially favourable energy flow. However, that family, in addition to the huge relationship issues between the various members, was on the verge of financial ruin.

When I went to see them, besides terrible disorder, the house was so jam-packed that I couldn’t take a step without bumping into something. One of the first recommendations I made was to reestablish order and organization. In less than a year, the fighting had stopped, both had been promoted and the financial problems came to a halt.”

For this, and for so many other reasons, the Feng Shui consultant cautions: “It is essential, not to mention urgent, that people become aware of how their homes and workplaces (and their cars, too) influence their lives. Fortunately, the pandemic and the fact that we were in lockdown means that a lot of people gained this awareness. All of a sudden, everyone needs to fell good in their homes, protected, healthy – from a physical and emotional standpoint – and with their jobs guaranteed.

Now for some Feng Shui Tips

- Reorganize your kitchen, check for any broken china and recycle it. In Feng Shui, broken items don’t carry good energy.
- “Organize you closets, commodes (…). Check for any shoes, belts, purses and knickknacks that make no sense hanging on to”
Organize your paperwork at home, keep what you really need and recycle the rest. You’ll be amazed by the amount of bills, papers and documents you’ve kept over the years and which have taken up space that could be used for useful things that end up “hidden” in the oddest places.
- “Organize you closets, commodes, cabinets and be delighted by the memories so many old items bring you, invading your memory… and even the surprise when you realize that they now fit you so much better.
- Declutter the cabinet in the hallway that oftentimes serves as a depository for ATM tickets, supermarket receipts, advertising leaflets, storage for necklaces, batteries, bags and what not. Remember that the hallway and your front door are where almost everything begins.
- Since you’ve got your hands on your computer, tablet and/or phone, delete any messages, files and folders that occupy virtual space. Store on your computer all the necessary folders and files. Know that these technologies are associated with our day-to-day communication and the businesses that you intend to flow well.
- Organize your holiday pictures and print out one or two to frame and place somewhere where it can be seen. Believe me, it will feel incredibly good to remember good times.
- And speaking of good times, scan your children’s drawings, keep only a few that you can even frame, making them part of the contemporary art collection around the house. After all, it’s not imaginable to store ten school years of all our children at home!
- Decide which books you won’t be reading again. You can donate them to a library or institution, instead of having them take up useful space on your shelves.
- And what about that faucet that is constantly leaking? Or the blinds that won’t shut properly, the door that insists on squeaking or the drain that is clogged? It’s time to make the most of this time the universe has given us to fix all this. And do you know why? Leaking faucets represent loss of money and lack of vitality. Broken blinds mess with our (in)definition of goals and aims. Doors that don’t work properly affect any incoming opportunities, as they won’t come if we don’t have the capacity to welcome them. Clogged drains and pipes mean that life isn’t flowing and there are blockages. If you want your life to move forward, get your house running effectively.
- Go through your toolbox. When was the last time you did it? Are there items that need replacing and others missing, that you need to replace? Take care of it.
- Do you have any obsolete chargers roaming around? Small devices that are no longer in use, wires and pieces that are worthless? Get everyone in the house on the hunt for this type of “useless items” and send them along to their final destination.
- Lastly, we deal with the women’s belongings. Check for shoes, belts, purses and knickknacks there is not point holding on to, or fixing, and gain space in your drawers and closets.

in Nova Gente Magazine published on October 2020


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