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Sofia Lobo Cera has been a classic Feng Shui consultant for over 12 years now. She has been studying the subject for more than 20 years and has been teaching this centuries-old art for more than 10 years. Sofia has a degree in Chemical Engineering – Quality and Environment, and makes it a point of noting Feng Shui is not esoteric and draws our attention to the improvements that can be seen at a personal and professional level when using these techniques.

What is the importance of Feng Shui for workplaces and their resilience?
I would begin by asking our readers the following: how do you feel when you enter your workplace? When you feel good, what differences can you tell in your productivity? The truth is that most people don’t feel good in their workplaces, although they can’t really pinpoint why. It’s a feeling. This can be explained by the energy flowing through spaces, whether the company or (now) our home not being great. And that’s where Feng Shui can help. Feng Shui fosters a feeling of well-being, obtained through the space’s energy, whereby this energy is the same one we refer to in science, that is, the particles, atoms, and molecules that make up a space. Feng Shui includes both what is physical matter and decoration, in the sense of how objects are laid out, their shape, texture, and colour... The materials that furniture is made of can give out a certain sensation, the places where the workers are in the company, the reception and how it’s laid out are also important in terms of Feng Shui... In fact, everything matters, from the outside area around the building, which influences the energy inside in about 60 to 70%, even the parking area and the way the director and customers circulate inside the company, everything contributes to the people’s well-being and the organization’s results. For this reason, the ideal scenario would be to incorporate Feng Shui when building the premises, seeing that this centuries-old art works on everything, from the building’s floorplan to the amount of concrete used for the walls, where the front door is located, the offices, the reception area... Even so, it is fundamental for companies that have already occupied their premises to consider applying Feng Shui. It’s never too late. It helps with financial revenue and makes people happier, thereby more resilient.

In this case, should architects and project designers work together with a Feng Shui expert to design a space according to the techniques of this art?

Yes, of course. Oftentimes, architects and project designers don’t know that they are including their energy when they draw a space’s floorplan. Plus, there are some who believe a Feng Shui consultant will block his or her creativity, as we will make demands as to where certain architectural elements should be positioned. That is not true. We offer the guidelines, in the sense of indicating the best place in which to place the doors, the main one and the ones inside, to access the living room, the bedroom and others, in that future space. But it’s up to the architect to set up the puzzle of possibilities, deciding where he or she will design the space, letting their creativity take flight. In Portugal, the dwellings from the 1990’s onwards almost all follow the same inner layout, which isn’t according to Feng Shui and the fact is that the population has been experiencing self-esteem issues and greater trouble with the problems that arise. It is fundamental for there to be synergies between these two occupations, but each one should fulfil their duty alone, as this means the architect will complete a good architectural project and a Feng Shui consultant will complete a good Feng Shui project. It’s important for there to be flexibility and adaptability on both parts so they can work together. The goal is to build a beautiful space that fosters health, good relationships, namely at family level, wealth, and personal power. Feng Shui is about balance.

Is it easy to find houses in Portugal with good Feng Shui?

Not really. As I explained, we need a better connection between Feng Shui consultants and architects and project designers, for instance. However, there is some interest by a few architects, which is great, but it’s simply not enough. When I was house hunting about 10 years ago, I saw loads of houses until I found one that met the requirements. It is important to note that life is too important for us to be miserable at home or our workplace. That is why when we invest in a property, or lease it, ideally, we should be accompanied by a Feng Shui consultant so they can conduct a study of the space.

Is it still necessary to inform the population that Feng Shui is not esoterism?

Yes, no doubt. Sometimes, people tell me they don’t “believe this” and I reply that it’s not about believing. Classic Feng Shui is based on mathematical calculations using a compass, which measures the Earth’s magnetic field. Nothing more, nothing less than energy. As such, Feng Shui is in fact something we can’t see, but we can all feel it, as it’s related to how energy flows. This has nothing to do with religion or personal belief, as I explain in my book “Change your Home Enrich your Life”. This paradigm is still so rooted in society that some people have Feng Shui consultations and don’t let their clients, workers or friends know about it, as they are scared of how others will interpret it. This shouldn’t be happening. Doing a Feng Shui consultation and study shows you are concerned about your well-being and the well-being of those around you.

What projects do you have currently under way?

There’s always something under way with me, but I never talk about a project until it is launched. Now, during the pandemic, I needed to adapt, seeing that my occupation means I visit people’s homes and companies. I had to reinvent myself in order to continue working. I created weekly lives on social media with tips for lockdown so that people could feel stronger in both health and finances. I will have news, soon, especially with regard to the digital world. For now, I can remind you that you can follow some of the projects that have been launched, via my Youtube (Sofia Lobo Cera Consultora Profissional de Feng Shui). These are still up-to-date, such as Organized Home, Balanced Life, a series of 25 videos with Feng Shui tips to apply in tour home and workplace over the year.

in Sol Newspaper - Valor Magazine published on December 2020


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