What we do
BaZi Consultation

BaZi means luck from the heavens, that is, our Chinese traditional astrology chart, which is based on a person’s time of birth.
A human being’s life consists of three levels – San Cai (trinity): Heaven | Mankind | Earth. Earth’s luck is the one we determine through Feng Shui. Mankind luck has to do with our choices and acts. Heaven’s luck has to do with our fate, our time cycles, and we cannot change these. However, by knowing our cycles, that is, the good periods and the most trying ones, we can work on our Earth’s luck (our home/company using Feng Shui) and make the right choices at any given time to make the most of our life’s good phases and take the necessary precautions to mitigate the ones that are not so good.
In addition to helping us understand the time cycles, a BaZi chart can help us understand many behaviours and relations with our partners, relatives, friends, and colleagues, as well as figuring out the keys to life and knowing the best elements, that is, the colours we should use in the way we dress, our diary, etc, which enhance our life and our energy.


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