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Feng Shui Consultations

When the energy (QI) of spaces supports the inhabitants, life flows in a more harmonious way and people become happier, more wholesome, healthier and financially stable.
Feng Shui allows us to harmonize, balance and enhance the QI in homes and spaces, helping their inhabitants reach certain goals, such as prosperity, wealth, health, relationships, social recognition, studies, among many others. This is because a home is a reflection of those who inhabit it.

A Feng Shui consultation begins with a visit to the location, where the consultant talks to the client or the architect (in the event of space planning or during the construction phase) in order to identify their goals. The consultant will also measure the space using the Luo-Pan compass for further analysis. The project is then drawn up and delivered to the client – this project is geared towards solving and/or identifying concrete issues and can be of any level of complexity, as well as containing the suggestions and healings to be applied so that the goals defined can be met.

The classical or traditional method, the most ancient one, uses a Chinese compass, the Luo-Pan (in the olden days the sun was used as a reference point). The energy charts of the house are drawn up using these measurements, taking into account the house’s orientations and outside shapes. After these have been duly analyzed, the amendments and healings are carried out in order to improve all aspects of the inhabitants’ lives so that they may achieve their goals.

Ideally Feng Shui should be applied during a house’s planning phase to ensure that the house is sited in the best location, and with a layout or organization that respects the house’s QI. However, Feng Shui can be applied in houses undergoing renovation or even those already completed and inhabited. Feng Shui consultations can also be done in outdoor spaces, businesses, when buying and selling property, selecting dates: choosing the best dates to start businesses, to sign contracts, weddings, scheduling surgeries, to travel, and many other important occasions.

The productivity and wellbeing of the workers in a company or business have always been a concern. We all know that a worker with a good inner balance, in tune with the environment around him/her is more productive. This represents financial gains and other gains for the businesses.


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