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Tiragens de I Ching

The I Ching, or the Book of Changes, is the oldest oracle in mankind. As it was being developed, the wise men of old times stopped seeing it as merely an oracle and began, with its help, to understand how the world ran in all its complexity. It was the basis for studying the natural world and the way in which the cycles flow.

The I Ching survived riots, wars and uprisings and has made it into the world today.

Men have always sought answers concerning their future and what it would bring them. The I Ching will not tell you what to do, rather it will offer you advice and counsel you regarding the nature of the problem and the best way in which to tackle it. The I Ching throwing is scheduled with the consultant, who will ask you a clear and concise question.

There are several methods of throwing, namely counting rods, coins and cards. This will create a hexagram, which will be interpreted, as it contains the answer to the question asked.


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