What they say about us

"ColchaoNet.com‬‬‬‬ is deeply thankful for the support you gave us, with your belief in the success of this important project to renew our stores’ good energy"


"The results I got were fantastic! Both at a personal and enterprise level. Now every year I ask her to make me the calculations to reposition the corrections."

"We like Sofia as a person and as a professional. We trust her work and her intention to do things, which is always out of a genuine interest to contribute."

"I don’t just recommend Sofia’s work to everyone, I fondly say she is my “spiritual guru”! I’m not sure if I’ll follow in her footsteps, but I shall be eternally grateful to her for having opened my eyes to this world."

Fernando Mota Cardoso - Fundação BP

"Her ability to communicate, her sympathy, and the clear manner in which she explained the concept, immediately generated empathy with all those who had the opportunity to attend the session, a feeling that remained well beyond that day."

"It was the change I needed in my life. Change and guidance!"



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