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“Sofia Lobo Cera – Consultora de Feng Shui” respects its customers’, users’ and suppliers’ privacy. This Privacy Policy explains who we are, the purposes for which we may use your data, how we process them, who we share them with and for how long we store them, as well as the means you have to get in touch with us and exercise your rights. The rules envisaged in this Data Protection Policy complement the provisions on personal data protection and processing as set out in the proposals drafted by “Sofia Lobo Cera – Consultora de Feng Shui”, as well as the rules set out in the terms and conditions that regulate our service offering, which is duly publicized on our website. Your data are collected by pela Sofia Lobo Cera – Consultora de Feng Shui”, hereinafter “Sofia Lobo Cera”. “Sofia Lobo Cera” processes and stores personal data within the European Union (EU) and respects best practice in the field of personal data security and protection. To this end, it has taken the necessary technical and organisational measures to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), a legislative act that is binding on individuals and legal persons who, whether resident in the EU or not, process data for EU citizens and ensure that personal data processing is lawful, fair, transparent and limited to the purposes authorised. “Sofia Lobo Cera” is responsible for the privacy statement, as it is considered to be the body in charge of data processing under the GDPR and shall determine the purpose and the means for processing personal data presented and collected online. We further declare that under the terms of article 37 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, and taking into account the activity and type of data being processed, there is no need to appoint a Data Protection Officer, notwithstanding compliance with all the duties set forth in the regulation.

What are personal data?

Personal data are any information, of any nature and regardless of its support, including sound and image, on an identified or identifiable individual. An individual is considered identifiable when they can be identified, directly or indirectly, namely by referring a name, identification number, location data, electronic handles or one or more specific aspects of their physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

What does personal data processing consist of?

Personal data processing consists of an operation or series of operations carried out on personal data or personal data sets, either through automated means or not, namely collecting, recording, organising, structuring, storing, adapting, recovering, consulting, using, disclosing, diffusing, comparing, interconnecting, limiting, deleting or destroying.
Our data protection policy ensures that the data are: The object of lawful, fair and transparent processing with regard to the data subject (“lawfulness, fairness and transparency”); Collected for specific, explicit and lawful purposes and cannot be processed in a manner that is incompatible with such purposes; Suitable, pertinent and limited to what is necessary with regard to the purposes for which they are processed; Accurate and updated whenever necessary; Ensuring all the suitable measures are in place so that inaccurate data, given the purposes for which they are processed, can be deleted or rectified without delay; Stored in a way that allows for identification of the data subjects only during the time necessary for the purposes for which they are processed; Processed in such a way as to ensure their security, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and their accidental loss, destruction or damage, adopting the suitable technical or organisational measures;

Purposes of personal data processing.

We shall collect, among others, the following information, ensuring, when necessary, the personal data subject’s prior consent: Name and Surname; Taxpayer Number; Date of Birth, Email, Telephone Number and Address. In general, the personal data collected are intended for managing the contractual relationship, providing the contracted services, suiting the services to the customer or user’s needs and interests, namely to access specific features of the services and products, for informational services, sending the newsletter, requests for information and contact as well as information and marketing campaigns. In addition, the personal data could also be processed for complying with legal obligations and for the purposes of investigating, detecting and curbing serious crimes.


Our website uses cookies or similar technology to ensure a better user experience and to analyse trends, track user movement on the website and collect demographics on our user base as a whole. Our cookies record information such as the IP address, type of browser, ISP, reference/checkout page, the archives accessed on our website (for instance HTML pages), operating system, date and time, in order to analyse website trends.

Storage period

The time during which the personal data are stored and retained varies according to the purpose for which the information is processed. In effect, there are legal requirements that bind the entity to store the data for a minimum period of time. As such, and in the absence of a specific legal requirement, the data shall be stored and retained only for the minimum period necessary to pursue the purposes behind their collection and processing, under the terms defined in the law.

Age of majority

By accepting this privacy policy you guarantee you are 18 years old or older.

Use of personal data

“Sofia Lobo Cera” may contact you under the terms defined by you (for instance, sending the newsletter) to introduce you to the goods and/or services it offers. The processing of such data is based on the consent given by the data subject. Access to personal data is strictly limited to its team and subcontractors.

Sharing personal data

“Sofia Lobo Cera” ensures it shall not transfer data to third countries in the General Data Protection Regulation. “Sofia Lobo Cera” entered into an agreement with its subcontractors, whereby they are bound to not disclose data to third countries. In certain situations, both “Sofia Lobo Cera” and it subcontractors may be notified to disclose personal information in response to requests made by supervisory bodies to meet the GDPR requirements.

Processing security

“Sofia Lobo Cera” undertakes to ensure to protect the security of the personal data made available to it, having approved and implemented stringent rules on this matter. All those who legally access the personal data are bound to comply with these rules. Several security measures of a technical and organisational nature have been adopted, bearing in mind the concern “Sofia Lobo Cera” has in protecting personal data. These are aimed at protecting the personal data made available to it against their disclosure, loss, undue use, alteration, unauthorised processing or access, as well as against any other means of unlawful handling. In addition, the third parties who, under the scope of providing services, process the Customers’ or Users’ personal data on behalf and account of “Sofia Lobo Cera are bound, in writing, to enforce the suitable technical and security measures which will meet the requirements envisaged in the law at any given time and ensure the protection of the data subject’s rights (namely protecting the privacy and personal data of the Customers and Users).

Access and rectification or deletion of personal data

The Customer or User, as data subject, has the right to request access to their data, request to rectify them or delete them. They may also limit the data processing, as well as oppose such processing and request data portability. They can do so directly or by written request through the contacts available to this end on the website contact form. You may also ask “Sofia Lobo Cera” for clarification or file a complaint with the Portuguese Data Protection Authority if you feel your rights are being breached.

Right of access

The data subject has the right to obtain from “Sofia Lobo Cera” the confirmation that the data that relate to it are being processed or not and, if need be, access their personal data and the information envisaged in the law.

Right to rectification

The data subject has the right to obtain from “Sofia Lobo Cera” and without any undue delays the rectification of inaccurate or incomplete data that relate to it.

Right to data deletion (“right to be forgotten”)

The data subject has the right to request that “Sofia Lobo Cera” delete their data, without undue delays, and the latter has the duty of deleting personal data, without undue delays, when one of the following reasons apply, to wit: a) The personal data are no longer necessary for the purpose that led to their collection or treatment; b) The data subject has withdrawn their consent to processing the data (in the event that processing is based on consent) and there are no other grounds for processing; c) The data subject opposes processing and there are no prevailing legitimate interests that would justify processing.

Right to limitation of processing

The data subject has the right to obtain limitation of processing from “Sofia Lobo Cera” if one of the following situations applies, to wit: a) Contesting the accuracy of the personal data during a period that allows “Sofia Lobo Cera” to check their accuracy; b) The data processing is lawful and the data subject opposes the personal data deletion and requests, in exchange, the limitation of their use; c) “Sofia Lobo Cera” no longer needs the personal data for the purposes of processing but those data are requested by the subject data for the purpose of statement, exercising or defending a right in legal proceedings; d) If they have opposed processing, until it’s verified that the legitimate reasons for the person in charge of processing prevail over those of the data subject.

Right to data portability

If the processing depends on the data subject’s consent and this consent has been given through automated means, the data subject has the right to receive their personal data, which they gave to “Sofia Lobo Cera”, in a structured format that is of standard use and automatic reading.

Right to oppose

In the cases where the data processing is for 1) the legitimate interests pursued by “Sofia Lobo Cera”; or 2) for direct marketing or 3) the definition of profiles, the data subject may at any time oppose the processing of their personal data.

Marketing emails

After receiving explicit consent, the persons in charge of data processing have permission to send marketing emails to the website users. The user may cancel consent at any time through the link for this purpose that is included in every email sent.

Changes to this policy

This policy may be updated occasionally, for instance due to changes in the relevant legislation. The customers shall be informed by email or a notice posted on the website should any material amendments be carried out.


Sofia Lobo Cera
Tel: +351 962308966
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Energy, associated with the quality of the environment around us, allows us to live a full life, in perfect balance with our surroundings. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art with a scientific component, which will help us achieve harmony in our lives through healthy environments.

We’ve all been in places where we’ve felt better than in others. This sensation is due to the way in which energy flows in a given space, whether through light vibration, sound vibration or electromagnetic energy.

The Feng Shui techniques can help you fine-tune that energy, enhancing your positive moments and helping you through tough times.

When the spaces support the inhabitants through energy, life flows more harmoniously and people become happier, more wholesome, healthier and financially stable.
Feng Shui allows us to harmonize, balance and enhance the energy in homes and spaces, helping the inhabitants achieve their goals, such as health, relationships, prosperity, professional life, social recognition and others. This is because a home is the mirror of those who inhabit it.

The energy flowing around you will affect your life and the way you feel, so please safeguard them, fine-tune them and let them flow in harmony with you!


Casa Organizada, Vida Equilibrada

Home Organized, Life Balanced

projeto casa organizada vida equilibrada

Sofia Lobo Cera, one of the biggest Feng Shui references, is a professional Classical Feng Shui Consultant who offers her clients comprehensive consultations and assists them in implementing their Feng Shui projects. Author of the book «Mude a sua Casa, Enriqueça a sua Vida» and of the digital project «Casa Organizada, Vida Equilibrada» ("Home Organized, Life Balanced""). Sofia is also a lecturer at the National Feng Shui School and also the regent of the Xuan Kong Fei Sin (Flying Stars) subject, and also at Escola de Medicina Tradicional Chinesa, at IPN – Instituto Português de Naturologia, among others. Currently, she also continues her advanced studies internationally. Sofia organizes workshops and also writes articles and edits her newsletter.

Although Sofia had been studiing on the subject since 1998, it was in 2008 that she began her professional studies at the National Feng Shui School in Portugal. Her first professional diploma was awarded in 2010. In 2016 she was internationally accredited by the Feng Shui Society, which includes the worlds best Feng Shui consultants and in 2017 her Master degree in Xuan Kong Fei Sin (Flying Star) by the Central Academy of Feng Shui of Malaysia. Over the years, she also graduated in advanced subjects like Advanced Xuan Kong Da Gua, Date Selection Xuan Kong Da Gua, BaZi, Water Dragons, I Ching and Qi Men Dun Jia.

Sofia Lobo Cera graduated in 2002 in Chemical Engineering, specializing in the Environment and Quality at the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL – Lisbon School of Engineering). She has worked in several fields of her degree and obtained work experience in civil construction, plant construction, solid urban waste recycling and treatment and Lean certification and audits.

Her interest and enthusiasm for Feng Shui led her to consider her work as another added value in her personal and professional development.

Personal Shopper

The Personal Shopper service is something new we created following suggestions from our clients, who stated they would appreciate having someone assisting them when choosing what to buy for their new home. It’s not that Feng Shui requires a full remodelling, rather that doubts always arise as to what item is most suited to each situation. New technologies certainly allow clients to contact us on the spot and clarify any occasional doubts, but it’s a great benefit to have the consultant on hand, offering personalized counselling, particularly since in addition to helping you make the right choices, it speeds up the entire process.

We are currently negotiating partnerships so our clients may further benefit from discounts in-store when using this service.

Personalized Assistance

Home is the reflex of all our inner process, so the Personalized Support service comes from the need of our clientes in having a professional support in their homes to help them out in the final process of implementation of a Feng Shui Process.

Either our costumers are heavily attached to junk, which are blocking their lives, or the way how their home is organized or even because they need someone to encourage them and give the little push to a beginning, in this sense a specialized and professional consultant who will help you out to declutter and organize your home and life.


Workshops and lectures can be done through partners, companies and associations. We have recently launched a “workshops by request” service. These came about due to various people inquiring about tailor-made Feng Shui workshops, i.e. gathering a group of friends to discuss a subject they all have in common. Generally they are done in the client’s home or at a venue chosen by us. These tailor-made workshops enable moments of sharing and discovering new ways of well-being and harmony that can then lead to a better life overall.

The workshops for companies and/or associations can be organized according to the subjects the entity wishes to address and take place at their facilities.

Throughout the year there is a defined plan of events and workshops with our partners, which are open to the general public.

Home Organizer

The Home Organizer service, together with Feng Shui, contributes to having an organized and harmonious home, as well as for a calmer life, with greater quality.

Professional home organization is a fairly recent activity that came about in the US in the 1990’s. It encompasses organizing both home and corporate environments through individual and customized solutions.

An organized home offers you a simpler life, more harmonious environments and greater quality of life, which are so essential nowadays.

Date Selection

Any important activity that we are about to undertake, such as starting something, moving house, starting a business, releasing a product/service, setting the date for a wedding, a trip and others… Through Feng Shui we can determine the best date for the event so that you can make the most of it and reap the most benefits.

Tiragens de I Ching

The I Ching, or the Book of Changes, is the oldest oracle in mankind. As it was being developed, the wise men of old times stopped seeing it as merely an oracle and began, with its help, to understand how the world ran in all its complexity. It was the basis for studying the natural world and the way in which the cycles flow.

The I Ching survived riots, wars and uprisings and has made it into the world today.

Men have always sought answers concerning their future and what it would bring them. The I Ching will not tell you what to do, rather it will offer you advice and counsel you regarding the nature of the problem and the best way in which to tackle it. The I Ching throwing is scheduled with the consultant, who will ask you a clear and concise question.

There are several methods of throwing, namely counting rods, coins and cards. This will create a hexagram, which will be interpreted, as it contains the answer to the question asked.


Just as the name implies, Directionology is the study of the energetic qualities of a given direction, namely whether it is favourable or not for the person travelling.

This type of consultation may be applied to trips, in order to determine if a certain trip will be favourable or not, specifically for businesses purposes, whether these are conducted by travelling somewhere, by phone or internet with a person or company that is located elsewhere (city or country); for health purposes, for example to determine if a certain direction is favourable for the treatment in question; or even to know the best destination for holidays, honeymoon or other.

The favourable or unfavourable directions vary according to the person, time and space.


Is your intention to sell or lease your home?

Feng Shui provides calculation methods which will allow you to sell your home or commercial property.

These methods enable you to place “for sale” sign in the best spot for you to sell as quickly as possible and in the best manner you can.

We also analyze whether selling is indeed your best option and also the best time in which to take that step.

At the same time, we can also assist you when choosing your future home. There are a series of requirements that should be taken into account when buying or letting your home.

Please contact us so we may assist you in finding your new home using Feng Shui and calculate the best moment for moving.

Feng Shui Consultations

When the energy (QI) of spaces supports the inhabitants, life flows in a more harmonious way and people become happier, more wholesome, healthier and financially stable.
Feng Shui allows us to harmonize, balance and enhance the QI in homes and spaces, helping their inhabitants reach certain goals, such as prosperity, wealth, health, relationships, social recognition, studies, among many others. This is because a home is a reflection of those who inhabit it.

A Feng Shui consultation begins with a visit to the location, where the consultant talks to the client or the architect (in the event of space planning or during the construction phase) in order to identify their goals. The consultant will also measure the space using the Luo-Pan compass for further analysis. The project is then drawn up and delivered to the client – this project is geared towards solving and/or identifying concrete issues and can be of any level of complexity, as well as containing the suggestions and healings to be applied so that the goals defined can be met.

The classical or traditional method, the most ancient one, uses a Chinese compass, the Luo-Pan (in the olden days the sun was used as a reference point). The energy charts of the house are drawn up using these measurements, taking into account the house’s orientations and outside shapes. After these have been duly analyzed, the amendments and healings are carried out in order to improve all aspects of the inhabitants’ lives so that they may achieve their goals.

Ideally Feng Shui should be applied during a house’s planning phase to ensure that the house is sited in the best location, and with a layout or organization that respects the house’s QI. However, Feng Shui can be applied in houses undergoing renovation or even those already completed and inhabited. Feng Shui consultations can also be done in outdoor spaces, businesses, when buying and selling property, selecting dates: choosing the best dates to start businesses, to sign contracts, weddings, scheduling surgeries, to travel, and many other important occasions.

The productivity and wellbeing of the workers in a company or business have always been a concern. We all know that a worker with a good inner balance, in tune with the environment around him/her is more productive. This represents financial gains and other gains for the businesses.

IMArq. Paisagista

Because the elements that constitute a space, such as plants, are fundamental, A partnership was established in 2017 with IMArq. Paisagista that creates green areas both interior and exterior, helping our clients to select the most adequate plants for they're houses, gardens and companies, has well as to compose the environment.

The Partner

IMArq. Paisagista is an Atelier that has the goal to find the best solutions to include nature on your day, either on a garden, terrace, at home or even at the office.

Fundação BP Portugal

In 2018 a partnership was set up between Sofia Lobo Cera and Fundação BP Portugal. It encompasses Feng Shui workshops and special conditions for its members. 

The Partner

The Fundação BP Portugal has as mission, to promote, support and do activities that motivate all the works from BP Portugal both active or in retirement, It should promote partnerships with external entities that can provide value added services for all its stakeholders and should pursue solutions so that all retired workers can benefit from the BP offering in a more beneficial way.

Partnership Conditions

The workers from BP Portugal benefit from a 10% discount on profissional Feng Shui consultations.


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