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Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art, studies the way in which energy flows in a space. If the energy flows freely, people tend to feel well and the environments become healthy, whereas if the energy doesn’t flow, it tends to stagnate, and problems of various types start to come up.

But how and when can we get the energy flowing? Always, but in Springtime the potential and results are even more visible.

Spring is the season of beginnings, where everything blossoms and bursts with energy. Plants tear through the soil and show their first buttons. An explosion of colour and life takes place, and a new period of growth starts to take shape. After a harsh Winter, it’s now time to revitalize our home and our body and this is the right moment for this expansion!

But, the question was, how do we get energy flowing? The answer is: releasing it! At this time, it’s out with the old and in with the new.

This step is fundamental and can be done on various levels, from the home and consecutively our body, our office, our car, our wallet (and ladies’ handbags), even our mobile phone.

In the home, let’s start with something simple – the wardrobes and closets. Winter clothes should be washed and stored in the part of the closet set out for this purpose, making the clothes for the new season more accessible, clean, fresh and scented.

Pillows should now be replaced or, if this is not possible, washed and dried out in the sun, as they store all the “feelings” you’ve experienced lately and this is an excellent time to renew your energy. The same applies for the mattress. Get it out in the sun to energize it!

Then, room by room, start with small steps. It’s easier to liberate drawer by drawer than by losing your nerve when faced with a load of “clutter”. Then, day after day, release your home and at the same time, be aware of the positive changes in your life. Make the most of this time to air the house plenty, let the sunshine in and allow the smell of plants to invade it. The sun and plants are excellent allies in helping you renew the energy in your home, so you can “fill it” with vases, potted plants and colourful flowers.

Once the house is freed and our life begins to change for the better, you must rid your Self of any feelings, attitudes and thoughts that don’t benefit you. When a thought, a feeling or even an attitude that are less than positive turn up, exhale, take a deep breath in and dare to think, feel and act in a more positive way.

Our workplace can also be released. There are many people with the old habit of printing emails, storing loads of paperwork and at one point they don’t know where they stored what and their workplace is full to the brim, making it impossible for them to move. Please note that if the energy isn’t flowing in your office, your productivity, income, acknowledgement and others will tend to diminish or even disappear.

Let’s now look at our car. Are you one of those people who stores everything inside your car? That when we open the door, there’s no space for our feet or to put a bag in the boot? If yes, it’s time to release it, too. A car can have many associations, such as representing man, our armour, our movement, as it’s our means to get to where we want to go – our goals. If this energy is blocked, your partner may suffer from health issues, stress, anxiety, the person who drives the car may feel unprotected or have moments where the rug is swept from under their feet. Our movement, whether it’s health, children, our work, may be blocked. A car must be free and carry in it only what you need, or else you run the risk of “carrying with you things” you don’t need and will only get in your way.

Ladies’ handbags, purses and wallets. Is your handbag so full that when you want to get your keys or phone, your nerves get the best of you because you can’t find them? And is your wallet full of ATM receipts? Well, bags and wallets that are full are the perfect cocktail to see your money fleeing and unpaid bills increasing. Therefore, get into the habit of keeping what’s essential only.

Lastly, your phone and your computer (this includes messages and emails). The principle here is the same, only it affects your communications in the sense that they’ll be blocked, for instance business deals that don’t come to fruition or the feeling of dispersing, namely career wise. As such, start by deleting messages that no longer interest you, organize your email inbox and rid your computer of any information you’re no longer interested in.

Spring is considered to be the most favourable time of the year for new challenges, so embrace this moment and make the most of it!

in Revista Zen - Abril 2015 Edition. Check the original article on our press menu.


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