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Individuals seek balance throughout their lives and in all circumstances, with the aim of being happy, feeling good on all levels and being healthy.

This balance so many speak of is simply the harmony between yin and yang.

Winter, the season that starts after December is yin and, as such, to be in balance with the season we need a yang diet, clothes, lifestyle, and environments.

At the same time, and to keep this balance, we cannot have our lifestyle and homes in excessive energy, or else we will feel out of balance with the season again. If we compare this with the life state of a plant, in Winter the seeds are getting ready for germinating. This is an inner process where the plant is withdrawn, harnessing and containing energy for its major development come Spring. At this time of the year, individuals should also undergo an internal withdrawal process, for introspection, where they define what they want and where they want to go so that in Springtime, just like that plant, they can head out in the direction of their dreams, goals and objectives.

In this way, to help out this process, we can change our home’s layout and decoration, making it cosier and setting up comfortable nooks that invited us to rest, read and meditate. Focusing the living room area on the fireplace or even “closing it off” as if it were a circle are things we can do.

Yet, as in everything else, we need balance, we must introduce some energy in the home, or else it will stagnate and not foster regeneration.

Accordingly, and just as what happens in all the other seasons of the year, we should continue to air our home and let the sunshine in, so the energy of the home is renewed and our body regenerated. It is fundamental that we boost the energy of our home and make it circulate this time of the year.

You can choose to set up the nooks referred to above in the parts where energy may be slower or even have a tendency to stagnate, or simply put there something that offers movement, such as plants, clocks or stronger and more active lighting.

Introducing warm colours to your decor, such as earthy tones, reds and oranges will bring the yang energy necessary for balance. Now that the cold is here, we think about the cosiness of our home, the sound of the fireplace or the smell of a freshly baked cake. Spending time with friends at home, around the fireplace, afternoons enjoying games with the family and having tea with friends, where laughter is heard all contribute to an excellent energizing of the environment, also helping to introduce more yang energy during winter.

Likewise, and speaking about balance again, our lifestyle needs to be in equilibrium, balancing moments of looking inwards and withdrawing with family gatherings and spending time with friends.

Our clothes should be made using natural and soft fabrics and the colours should alternate between earthy tones (yellow, orange, cream and brown) and strong colours (red, purple and lilac).

Diet is another essential aspect in this balance with the season. Heavier meals with meat, beans, chickpeas and nuts counterbalance the cold and damp Winter days.

As an end note – continue to enjoy being in touch with nature. Nowadays, most people spend their whole locked inside buildings with little or no contact with the sun and nature. These elements are so important for our health and well-being. Why not enjoy your mornings at the weekend to appreciate nature, to be outdoors? Make the most of this and reset your energy, balance and inner peace!

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