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Article written for the 1st edition of the Vento e Água Magazine

How does a house come to be?

How does it turn up in our life?

A house or home is born from an intent. And this intent can stem from someone having a need, or wanting that need, or wanting to increase their family, or have more wealth, rise up the career ladder, or want more success, or health, or harmony and well-being, travelling, want to materialize something, among many other factors.

But why do people want to have all of this projected in a house or home?

Because our home is the reflection of our life and an extension of our body. We can say a home is a life project.

Well, how does it come to be, then? How does it turn up in our life? How does it come to us?

I can tell you a story of something that happened to me... 

2017 11 Revista Vento e Agua


A few years ago, I lived in another home with my husband. It was January, and we spoke about moving at the end of the year. We wanted a baby and the place we lived in was too small. My aunt called me and told me she was moving – did I want to keep her house?

I told her no.

In March, she asked me again, and again in May, saying her upstairs neighbour wanted to buy it but that there was something keeping her from selling it and above all because she felt that house had my name written all over it.

It was now June and a friend of my brother’s called him and said “... I wanted to buy a house where your sister lives, and since the places there are small and it’s time she had kids, do you think I could see hers?” I replied that his friend could come see our place; she loved it and asked if she could bring her father over. Her father loved it too and they made us an offer, cash in hand, in the amount we’d been thinking of selling it for at the end of the year. We thought about it and decided we’d sell it to my brother’s friend.

But we didn’t yet have somewhere else to live! We arranged it so we’d leave at the end of August.

During July and August, my husband and I visited 60 houses! Yes, 60! As price, location, if it was pretty or not were no longer enough – we still had the Feng Shui factor to contend to!

Needless be said I only visited a place after I’d pre-analysed it, and took my compass along for a prior study. The truth is, of those 60 houses, not one of them shouted out “this is it!”.

In the last weekend in August, I asked my brother’s friend to give us a couple more weeks. The stress was in full mode. The weekend before we had only one week to go before moving out and still no home in sight. I went to bed and prayed to my Guardian Angel to give me a sign. The next day, I woke up, opened my eyes and thought “I get it. My path is to move into my aunt’s house”. I called her as soon as I jumped out of bed and the answer I heard on the other side of the line was “Sofia, this house had to be yours. I knocked on the neighbour’s door yesterday to tell her I’d sell her this place and she wasn’t home! So, the house is yours!”

What I want to say with this story that happened to me is that all homes have people that fit in to them, just like pieces in a puzzle, and this is because we attract them depending on our goals. This attraction can be the house coming to us, as was my case, or us finding it given our goals and the path we’re on.

Remember, thoughts are energy and energy is attracted following the laws of physics. Therefore, when we are looking for a house, we also need to define at the onset the goals for the house, that is, the inner representations of what we want in our lives and which we’re projecting onto the house.

Once our goals our set, we go house hunting.

When hunting, it’s important to be aware of what you want, so you can attract the right home. There are various aspects to take into account when house hunting and you can find out more in my book “Mude a Sua Casa, Enriqueça a Sua Vida” (“Change your Home Enrich your Life”). Above all, I recommend that you are conscious of your senses and truly feel the space.

In sum, you need to be aware of how much you home influences your life so you can make a conscious choice, because a home with good energy brings you health and quality of life and helps you to make your dreams come true!



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