Who we work with
Fundação BP Portugal

In 2018 a partnership was set up between Sofia Lobo Cera and Fundação BP Portugal. It encompasses Feng Shui workshops and special conditions for its members. 

The Partner

The Fundação BP Portugal has as mission, to promote, support and do activities that motivate all the works from BP Portugal both active or in retirement, It should promote partnerships with external entities that can provide value added services for all its stakeholders and should pursue solutions so that all retired workers can benefit from the BP offering in a more beneficial way.

Partnership Conditions

The workers from BP Portugal benefit from a 10% discount on profissional Feng Shui consultations.


In 2019 a partnership was established between Sofia Lobo Cera and Medicare, where special conditions are granted to MEDICARE CLUB members.

The Partner

MEDICARE CLUB is a brand of the MEDICARE group that manages an integrated system of discounts and promotions for the benefit of MEDICARE CLUB card holders.

Partnership Conditions

MEDICARE CLUB members enjoy a 25% discount on professional Feng Shui consultations. 15% on other services. Non-cumulative discounts with other campaigns, promotions or partnerships.

Cristiana Resina

A partnership with Cristiana Resina was set up in 2010.

This partnership seeks the enhance the creativity of children’s spaces, tailor-made, in harmony and in balance with Fengh Shui, thereby promoting children’s’ healthy development.

The Partner

Cristiana Resina stands out when decorating children’s spaces. decorations. Her ideas lead to fully tailor-made, handcrafted objects that call for creativity and interaction.

Condições da Parceria

For Cristiana Resina customers that express an interest, the decoration projects can be carried out in an integrated manner, resulting in healthy, balanced and harmonious spaces for children, fostering their development. Likewise, Cristiana Resina customers who wish to have a professional Feng Shui consultation will benefit from a 10% discount.


Centro Pré e Pós Parto

The partnership between Sofia Lobo Cera and the Centro e Pós Parto care centre was set up in 2010. It encompasses Feng Shui workshops applied to children and babies’ rooms.

The Partner

The Centro Pré e Pós Parto care centre is a centre of excellence that provides assistance and support to mothers-to-be during all phases of the process. It has a large multidisciplinary team of professionals from various different fields.

Partnership Conditions

All Centro Pré e Pós Parto customers are entitled to a 10% discount in Feng Shui consultations.
They may also attend the Feng Shui workshops for children and babies’ rooms free of charge, held at the centre’s facilities.

The USE Concept

In 2014 a partnership was set up between Sofia Lobo Cera and The USE Concept, a company specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The Partner

The geographical location component is common to most of the tasks we carry out every day, whether at personal or professional level. Geolocation is very important in making decisions regarding the choice of a space for housing or implementing a particular type of business.
The USE Concept specializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) matters and computer aided design (CAD). It uses cutting edge technology and its core competences lie in drawing up location plans and preparing using through Geobiology, the science that deals with man’s interaction with his surroundings; it is therefore possible to identify and chart various energy disruptions that have an impact on the populations’ wellbeing, for instance underground water deposits, energy networks, geological faults, huge metal masses and electrical pollution.

Partnership Conditions

The USE Concept counts on the precious partnership with Cubismo architecture studio and Sofia Lobo Cera – Feng Shui consultant for its architectural heritage surveys and the design of the respective elements, plans, 2D or 3D elevations. Accordingly, it can provide an integrated service, from the property’s location and analysis of its surroundings to the detailed interior and exterior design of the building, as well as its Feng Shui study. Find us at

In Ordem

In 2014 a partnership was set up with the company In Ordem.
This partnership aims to provide an integrated home organizer and Feng Shui service, bringing you higher quality of life and harmony.

The Partner

In Ordem - Home Organizer® is a company that specializes in home and office organization solutions using simple organizing techniques.

Partnership Conditions

The possibility of having an integrated home organizer service combined with Feng Shui, making sure everything is in its right place.


In June 2015 a protocol was established between Sofia Lobo Cera and Lisbon Town Hall, under the benefit programme for Town Hall employees.

The Partner

Lisbon Town Hall is the executive body of the municipality. Its goal is to define and implement the policies that promote the development of the County in different fields.

Partnership Conditions

Active Lisbon Town Hall employees benefit from a 25 % discount on all services.
The terms of this partnership are extended to the employees of Parish Councils.

Loja Antes De

A partership with Antes De… Interiores, Decoração e Arte was established in 2016.

The Entity

Antes De… is a small shop that invites you to stop and discover different art pieces. With a fine taste for travel, it hold original and unique pieces. With them you travel to the hot sun of the desert, to the mistic east or simply to a journey of color and simplicity. This shop really catches the genuine of each of its pieces.

Equilíbrio Holístico

In 2016 a partnershio was set up between Sofia Lobo Cera and Equilíbrio Holístico.

The Partner

Equilíbrio Holístico is a space located in Lisbon (Telheiras) that is specialized in natural medication and complementary therapies.

Partnership Conditions

Customers from Equilíbrio Holístico have 10% discount in Professional Feng Shui Consultations (Types A, B, C).

Customers from Sofia Lobo Cera have 10% discount on products (excet medication not subject to medical prescription).


The partnership with Serenum – Clínica de Bem-Estar wellness clinic was set up in 2012. There are workshops on Feng Shui, where the subject is discussed in depth and experiences are shared that aid with personal development.
These workshops are designed for all those who are interested in taking part, there are no special attendance requirements.

The Partner

Serenum, Clínica de Bem-Estar wellness clinic is dedicated to all who wish to experience harmony. It is a place for self-awareness, inner thought, a space where you can find yourself and others also.
It has a multidisciplinary care team that abides by the principle of the dignity of the human being.

Partnership Conditions

Serenum, Clínica de Bem-Estar customers benefit from a 10% discount on all services offered by Sofia Lobo Cera.
Anyone who attends the Feng Shui workshops given by Sofia Lobo Cera under the Serenum Clínica de Bem-Estar are entitled to a further 5% off Feng Shui consultations.

Escola Nacional de Feng Shui

Sofia Lobo Cera is a teacher and consultant recommended by the ENFS.

The Entity

The National Feng Shui School is a centre of excellence in the teaching, training and dissemination of this art in Portugal. In 1997 it began a pioneering task of implementing and disseminating this art and today it is the oldest school of its kind in Europe. Most Feng Shui consultants were trained here and it is a national benchmark.

Partnership Conditions

All ENFS students are entitled to a 10% discount in Feng Shui consultations.


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