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The tale of how I bought my current home and sold my old one is public knowledge. For those who don’t know it yet, in summary, before buying this home I visited many others. Yes, many. For some, this may seem over-the-top, and perhaps it is, but this happened because I’m fully aware of how much a home influences us and the huge power it can have on our lives.

And now you ask me: “But why so many, Sofia?”

Well, first of all, I need to explain that just as the saying goes, “there’s a nut for every bolt” - this rings true for homes. In fact, the home I bought was the first one I visited, but for other reasons that aren’t called for here, I felt I should look for another. But there you have it – that would be my home. And now I can see why, and I love it.

In addition to representing our life in full, our home speaks for us and as mentioned above, it has the capacity to influence us, and we influence it too. It’s as though its energy echoes ours, we find each other and when we do, our energies (waves) are propagated with the same vibration. It’s as though the timeline were the same and therefore homes always turn up at the right time, whether through need or other circumstances. That is why we need to keep looking until we find the one that will become our home. And this is one of the points where Feng Shui can help, so we can make a quicker selection, after having defined the type of home we want, where we want it and the characteristics we’d like.

Those who follow this subject know that houses must possess certain traits, for instance, the outside should be pretty and balanced, the layout should be square or rectangular shaped, the locations of the bathrooms and so many other “rules” we’ve heard of. Yet we shouldn’t overlook a home that has a hospital nearby, for instance, has an irregular shape or even a bathroom at the centre. It seems controversial, doesn’t it? I believe it does, but it’s really not. When we get into professional Feng Shui, namely at an advanced level, where I am now, we know that the most important feature in a space is the way in which energy flows inside it and its surroundings. And there are numerous homes with hospitals, cemeteries or junctions nearby, sometimes with irregular layouts, and yet which have excellent Feng Shui, while there are others in graceful areas, where everything seems to be in harmony, yet inside people are experiencing times of great chaos and sadness. Do you know any such cases? I do! And what is going on that these homes offer such happy lives when the so-called rules we know about are broken? This is because not everything around a home will influence it and not everything missing stops showing its effects. We need knowledge to analyze this and recommend a given space or not to certain inhabitants. That is why it is fundamental to analyze a property before deciding whether to buy it or not. I’ve had so many people reach out to me after buying a beautiful house in a stunning location and whose lives started to fall apart after they moved without them knowing why, as they took care to select a house with a rectangular layout, without any bathrooms at the centre, pretty and balanced on the outside. The problem here is they did take care with that, but they didn’t take care with the most important part of all – hiring a good professional before buying to know if the house did indeed have good Feng Shui and, if not, how it could be improved. And even to know whether the area they were planning on moving to was favourable at the time or if it would be preferable to wait “another week” (here I’m referring to calculating Directions, Date Selection and BaZi).

When moving home, there are a series of details you must take into account and it’s perfectly natural that someone who isn’t a qualified professional, specializing in this field, wouldn’t know about them.

Many people have a vague idea of Feng Shui’s potential and how it can help them. Plenty do not know, however, that to sell their current home quickly, the place where to hang the “For Sale” sign and when the house goes on the market make a huge difference. Some also think that Feng Shui is about decorating. A space’s decor will obviously affect its energy and so it should be decorated bearing in mind the energy characteristics and the taste of those who will live inside it, as it’s fundamental for those who live in a place feel comfortable and have their identity present. Yet these are different areas that can work together.

In practice, houses are built using lots, with simple designs that cut back on infrastructure costs and not sun exposure, winds, framing within the surroundings, among others.

So, next time you move home, remember to start the process “with the project and not the roof” so that you avoid any unpleasant surprises later on. It’s up to Feng Shui to overcome the “squareness” and add balance, good energy, well-being, comfort, that welcome feeling and cosiness.

Although homes are already “meant to be ours”, the path we take to get to them depends on us and our choices alone.

I wish you good vibes

in Vento e Água Magazine published on March 2020


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