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"Today I would rate my experience with Feng Shui as positive, beneficial and enriching."



To change or not to change?
That is the question that led to take action against an unsatisfying routine and disharmonious daily life. The answer came when I discussed it with Sofia: A Feng Shui project.
A year ago, and initially reluctant, I agreed and embarked on this adventure. Today I would rate my experience with Feng Shui as positive, beneficial and enriching. However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing.
Whereas Feng Shui allows us to restore balance in our lives, we must also be aware that this requires a lot from us because we have to contribute to make it happen and create the right situations. The biggest challenge Feng Shui placed me was breaking free from what were in my opinion harmless habits, deeply rooted, which nonetheless turned out to be detrimental to my wellbeing.
I chose to implement Sofia’s recommendations in a phased manner by setting priorities. And after a few months, when I stopped to feel the balance Feng Shui had brought me, I felt great improvements in my life, in my way of being and couldn’t even begin to list all the changes that had already taken place. Dissatisfaction, disharmony, and a general sense of malaise gave way to joy, good moods and positive thinking. It also taught me to look at life in another way, for myself and for others.
I believe that all of this would not have been possible without the Sofia’s help. I thank her for her professionalism, willingness and assistance throughout this project.




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