Who we work with
The USE Concept

In 2014 a partnership was set up between Sofia Lobo Cera and The USE Concept, a company specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The Partner

The geographical location component is common to most of the tasks we carry out every day, whether at personal or professional level. Geolocation is very important in making decisions regarding the choice of a space for housing or implementing a particular type of business.
The USE Concept specializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) matters and computer aided design (CAD). It uses cutting edge technology and its core competences lie in drawing up location plans and preparing using through Geobiology, the science that deals with man’s interaction with his surroundings; it is therefore possible to identify and chart various energy disruptions that have an impact on the populations’ wellbeing, for instance underground water deposits, energy networks, geological faults, huge metal masses and electrical pollution.

Partnership Conditions

The USE Concept counts on the precious partnership with Cubismo architecture studio and Sofia Lobo Cera – Feng Shui consultant for its architectural heritage surveys and the design of the respective elements, plans, 2D or 3D elevations. Accordingly, it can provide an integrated service, from the property’s location and analysis of its surroundings to the detailed interior and exterior design of the building, as well as its Feng Shui study. Find us at


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