What they say about us

"With her I discovered the true dimension of Feng Shui."


"Sofia Lobo Cera has been a tireless consultant and we know we owe her most of our company’s success."

Catia Neves - Toti Kids

"I loved the Personal Shopper service. Sofia has wonderful ideas and is highly efficient, practical and creative."

"Three months later my work improved enormously, some of the projects have come to life and I have a much more pleasing social life. But most important is that 8 months down the line I met a partner with whom I am very happy."

"...the fact is we love our home. Despite our busy lives we love our moments together, and all our friends who come over say they feel really good here. There you have it, you can't argue solid facts.... ;)"

"A few changes were all it took for me to feel the differences. No more sleepless nights watching the hours go by."



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