What they say about us
Teresa Saldanha

"I felt you were always readily available to help us with any queries on the subject matter."

Margarida Nortadas

"I can say that I've always felt you were there with us, always ready to help, especially via email and also in class."

Patrícia Silvério

"I feel you did a really good job with following up on the students throughout this school year, monitoring all the subjects while at the same time offering examples and settling any queries."

"Sofia applies a scientific method to determine and understand the energies. Even with her here at home doing all her super professional calculations, as I watched her carefully I confess that scepticism was still inside me. But little by little it began to fade away, disappearing completely when she started making claims of positive and less positive things that could possibly be affecting the family .... And you know what, my friends? She nailed them all on the head..."



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